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Common reasons for going to the gynecologist


Here we also perfom normal pregnancy controls. In Norway there is only one official ultrasound during the pregnancy, here you have the opportunity to have further ultrasound examinations. It’s often possible to get nice 3-D pictures in addition to control that the fetus(es) is developing normally. Please note that I do not say anything about gender in connection with ultrasound late in the first trimester.

Controls after delivery

Around 6 weeks post partum. Then we go through the obstetrical history and I perform a pelvic examination.
If you need contraception we choose an appropriate method for you. IUDs are preferably inserted around 3 months post partum.

Screening for cervix cancer (formerly PAP tests)

During this screening, I will not only take the test from the cervix but examine the whole reproductive system; both the external genitalia and do an ultrasound of the uterus and the ovaries. The screening program against cervical cancer begins when a woman turns 25 years. The cancer samples that may be taken before that, will be decided based on indication (eg. abnormal bleeding).

Bleeding disturbances.

A very common complaint with many different explanations. It is especially important that women after menopause have an examination done if they experience vaginal bleedings.

Birth control

It is important to find the ideal type of contraception for each woman.
If an IUD is chosen you won’t have to get one at the pharmacy, we have different types of them here.


Here the necessary work up will be done for both the woman and the man. From here I can up to a certain point perform fertility treatments. If a more advanced treatment is needed that can be done in a cooperation with a fertility clinic (usually in Haugesund).


Dysmenorhea (menstruational cramps), dyspareunia (pain during intercourse), pelvic and or abdominal pain, chronic or acute. Itching


Sexually transmitted diseases, candida (yeast) infections, changes in vaginal discharge.

Menopausal problems

Hot flushes, night sweats, sleeplessness, emotional instability, dryness and other complaints of the external genital organs. It is important to be informed about the pros and cons of a possible hormonal treatment

Urinary incontinence

There are two main types; urge and stress incontinence and there are different treatment options for these.


With weakening of the pelvic structures, specially the vaginal wall, the bladder (cystocele), rectum (rectocele) or the cervix and uterus can protrude into the vagina or even out of the vaginal opening. The first choice of treatment will usually be an operation; if the woman cannot or does not want to be operated, a supportive vaginal ring can be inserted.

< Home What is a consultation like?