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For those who are nervous…:

How is the gynecological consultation performed?

If you have not been to one of the gynecologists at the Hinnaklinikken before, you will be asked to fill out a questionare concerning your health.

We sit down together in my office and talk about your problems or concerns or what you feel the need for information about.

There is a changing room where you undress from waist down, there is a toilet and a sink in there (it can often be an advantage to have an empty bladder when I do the ultrasound). You will get a cloth to have around your waist if you feel uncomfortably exposed when you come to the examination chair. During the examination itself I use instruments that are the correct size for you and are comfortably warm.

Before and during the examination I decide which tests to take and they are all included in the price for the consultation. After the manual examination I will usually do a vaginal ultrasound. I place the ultrasound probe vaginally and get a view over the pelvic organs, specially the uterus and the ovaries. This does not hurt. There is a screen in the ceiling where you can watch the ultrasound and I can explain what you are seeing.

After you have put your clothes back on we again sit at my desk, summarize the conclusion and make a treatment or control plan if that’s needed. If blood samples are to be taken one of our secretary will do so in another room.

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